Omo Valley

Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth and the discovery of human remains dating back nearly 2.5 million years prompted UNESCO to dub the Lower Valley a World Heritage site in 1980.

The villages are home to some of Africa’s most fascinating ethnic groups and a trip here represents a unique chance for travellers to encounter a culture markedly different from their own. Whether it’s wandering through traditional Dassanech villages, watching Hamer people performing a Jumping of the Bulls ceremony or seeing the Mursi’s mind-blowing lip plates, your visit here will stay with you for a lifetime.

The landscape is diverse, ranging from dry, open savannah plains to forests in the high hills and along the Omo and Mago Rivers. The former meanders for nearly 800km, from southwest of Addis Ababa all the way to Lake Turkana on the Kenyan border.

Attractions in Omo Valley

Arbore Tribe

The Arbore tribe is a small tribe (c7,000) that lives in the southwest region of the Omo Valley, near Lake Chew Bahir.

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Ari Tribe

The Ari are the agricultural and pottery-making indigenous ethnic group which live in the northern part of the Mago National Park.

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Bana Tribe

The Bana (Banna, Bena, or Benna) are pastoral and semi nomadic people (c24,000) living in the harsh environment..

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Dassanech Tribe

This is the most southerly of the Ethiopian tribes and the Dassanech live where the Omo River delta enters Kenya’s Lake Turkana ..

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Hamer Tribe

Located in the far south west of Ethiopia live the 50,000 strong Hamar tribe, one of the most known tribes.

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Karo Tribe

The Karo tribe, consisting of c1,500 people, is the smallest ethnic group in the Omo Valley. They live along the east banks ...

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Konso Tribe

Konso is a UNESCO world heritage site and makes a perfect day trip for those seeking to take in more of the cultures...

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Mursi Tribe

Surrounded by mountains and the Omo River on either side, the Mursi (7,500 people) live in the Mago National Park.

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Nyangatom Tribe

In order to visit the Nyangatom tribe, you need to cross the Omo River and take a small walk across the stone scorched desert.

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Suri Tribe

The 34,000 strong Suri tribe live in the southwestern plains of Ethiopia and South Sudan. They are successful livestock farmers ....

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