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Arba Minch Walking Tour

Spend four hours with our local English speaking guides as they proudly introduce you to daily life in Arba Minch. The popular walking tour starts at the Tourist Hotel with a quick Amharic language lesson and then weaves through Sikela, the down town part of Arba Minch. Along the way, you will visit an Orthodox Church, pop into a tej bar where you can try the local honey drink, see a traditional buna bet (coffee house) and buy stamps at the post office. At the colourful market, your senses will be tantalised by the aromas from the spices and coffee; feel the quality fabrics, including the striking Gamo tribe design and see the wide variety of traditional produce. The tour will conclude with a quick stop at the shoe shine and a traditional coffee ceremony in a family home. This ceremony is an integral part of Ethiopian social and cultural life and an invitation to attend one is considered a mark of friendship.

Join this unique tour and make new friends.

The four hour tour starts at 9.30am and costs $25 per person.