Nyangatom Tribe

Omo valley’s feared and fierce warriors

In order to visit the Nyangatom tribe, you need to cross the Omo River and take a small walk across the stone scorched desert. Upon arrival, you will meet a unique tribe. They live on the border with South Sudan (c30,000 over both countries) and are considered one of the richest and most prosperous tribes. Vast lands allow the tribe to graze a large number of cattle but different to other tribes, the men hunt crocodiles using harpoons and a local canoe. They have gained the reputation of being the feared and fierce warriors.

As with other tribes, you will learn a lot about a woman’s social status, place in society, children, and age from her appearance. Nyangatom women wear a lot of different beads on their necks, which they never ever take off. As a young girl, she gets her first strand of beads as a gift from her father and for all the years of her life she adds more and more. Sometimes you can see a woman who wears up to 6-8 kg of beads! The skirt of an unmarried women is made from goatskin, cleaned with lint and embroidered with the bright beads. Married women’s skirt are not embroidered with beads but the bead necklaces will be higher.

The Nyangatom tribe smoke out beehives and enjoy the honey. They are also famous for their unique storytelling and singing prowess.