Ari Tribe

Agricultural And Pottery Making Tribe

The Ari are the agricultural and pottery-making indigenous ethnic group which live in the northern part of Mago National Park. The culture and language of the 120,000 Ari tribe are less explored in Ethiopia. They are privileged to have the largest territory of all the tribes in the area.

An Ari’s crop can consist of grains, coffee, fruits and honey. It’s also common for them to have large herds of livestock. At the local market, you will see rich displays of Ari pottery.

As you travel through the green mountains, you will see the Ari’s attractive grass-roofed houses, which are decorated with beautiful wall-paintings in natural colours. Painting is actually a woman’s activity and the Ari word for wall-paintings is bartsi what means “giving beauty”. Each woman has her own personal style of painting involving different patterns, motifs, materials and patterns.

Ari men and women wear a lot of jewellery, have many ear piercings and wrap beads and bracelets around their arms and waist for decoration. For key ceremonies, they also paint and scar their bodies.