Arbore Tribe

Renowned For Its High Spiritual Status

The Arbore tribe is a small tribe (c7,000) that lives in the southwest region of the Omo Valley, near Lake Chew Bahir. Their names literally means Land of Bulls. Like most Omo Valley tribes they are pastoralists so cows, goats and sheep are the main source of existence and value.

The main feature differentiating Arbore from other tribes is their high spiritual status and it is believed that Arbore priests are endowed with special strength and power. In addition, they believe that their singing and dancing eliminates negative energy and with the negative energy gone, the tribe will prosper.

Arbore girls and married women adorn themselves with rich ornaments of beads and metal and are easily distinguished from other tribes through their array of necklaces. Unmarried girls shave their heads and wear black cloths to protect them from the sun. Men wrap their heads with white cloths. Marriages are extremely important and the Arbore tribe have many rituals and celebrations.