Arba Minch, Dorze and Chencha

Three Day Tour

Three day tour – Arba Minch, Dorze and Chencha

Day One

Start the day with a short bus ride to the lake and take a boat ride across Lake Chamo to Nechsar National Park. See local fisherman in their native boats. On the Savannah trek for two hours and see wild zebras, gazelle and antelope as well as many different bird species. Visit two local homes to see how local people live in the Savannah. Enjoy the spectacular views of the two lakes, divided by the Bridge of God. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the lakeside with plenty of opportunities to take more photographs.

In the afternoon, take a boat ride across Lake Chamo to see giant crocodiles (the area is known by local as the crocodile market), hippopotami and pelicans. We will take a leisurely pace, using oars so you can get close to the animals, breathtaking and lasting memories. Next, take a car journey across the Bridge of God to provide you with outstanding views of both lakes.

Drive back to Arba Minch to stay at your hotel. (Gamo travel recommends Tourist Hotel).

Day Two

Gamo travel will collect you from your hotel and drive up the mountain to the villages of Dorze and Chencha. In Dorze, take a walk around the village visiting the local bamboo house which look like an elephant’s head and stand 14 metres high. One of the village families will show you around their home and teach you how to make bread from false banana leaves (delicious with the special chilli dip). Dorze is famous for its’ weaving so there will be time for you to see the weavers using their traditional methods. Visit the local market and see families local products and try the traditional honey drink (tej). Enjoy lunch at Dorze lodge where you have breathtaking views of the lakes and the Dorze countryside. In the afternoon, take a drive further up the mountain to visit Chencha village. Afterwards, drive down the mountain to visit the local potters.

Gamo travel can arrange for you to stay overnight at Dorze lodge where you will enjoy glorious sunsets, campfire and singing by the local villagers and amazing sunrise. Alternatively, travel back to Arba Minch.

Day Three

You can choose your activity for day three, either trek or take a horse ride around the mountains surrounding Dorze. Along the way visit local villages, see more stunning countryside and enjoy the fresh air.

Alternatively, visit Arba Minch’s 40 natural springs. (In Amharic, arba minch is translated to 40 springs). On your journey to the springs, see the local baboons. At the springs see the source of the town’s drinking supplies and enjoy a refreshing swim in one of the springs.

Other info

This itinerary will be adapted so that you can visit Dorze and Chencha on market days. This tour can also start and finish in Addis Ababa, but additional days will be required.


Hotel – Gamo travel will arrange hotels based on your requirements and budgets. Over recommended hotels range from $12 to $100 per night for two people.

Hire of car and guide – $190 per day for up to four people, including petrol.

Hire of boat across Lake Chamo – $50.

Customers are required to pay for their own meals.