Omo Valley Tour

Seven day tour – Omo Valley

(Arba Minch to Omo Valley to Arba Minch)

Day One

8am leave Arba Minch and travel to Konso. This district is famous for its’ unique terracing that sweeps across each knoll with a circular grace. This pattern is also reflected in the double thatched roofs of Konso houses and in the layered skirts of Konso women. Visit the village of Mecheke and see the traditional community houses, where each generation adds another pole to the structure. You will also see the famous ‘waka’, wooden sculptures created to pay tribute to heroes and warriors and used as funerary statues. Next visit the village of Gesergyo (also known as New York) where erosion has left an area covered in natural pillars.

Stay overnight in Konso. (Gamo travel normally uses Ediget Hotel and Kanta Lodge)

Day Two

Leave Konso after breakfast and drive through the stunning rift valley to Key Afer. Visit the local market where three or four different tribes gather to conduct their business. Markets are still a highlight of the social calendar and people dress to impress, see the colourful Bena tribe and others.

Stay overnight in Jinka, the capital of South Omo Valley and home to the Ari tribe.

Day Three

Leave Jinka after breakfast and drive through Mago Natoinal Park to visit the Mursi tribe. See the traditional way of life, where women wear lip plates and the men scar their bodies, each with their own meaning.

Stay overnight in Mago National Park where you will see many animals and birds, including bushbacks, antelope, waterhogs, etc.

Gamo travel will arrange a camp fire dinner and provide camping equipment.

Day Four

Enjoy a campfire breakfast and drive back to Jinka. Take time to visit the cultural museum and learn more about the Omo Valley tribes. Afterwards, drive to Demeka to visit the market of the Hamer tribe.

Spend time and sleep overnight in the Hamer village, Korcho, where you will experience daily life, untouched for generations.

Day Five

Spend some more time in the Hamer village before driving to see the Karo tribe. This tribe is situated on the banks of the Omo River. From here you will be able to see Sudan and Kenya.

Drive to Turmi and spend overnight in Turmi. (Gamo travel uses Turmi lodge and Buska lodge).

Day six

We have two options for this day.

The Hamer tribe are known for their coming of age ceremony, bull jumping. If a family is celebrating on this day, we will visit the bull jumping ceremony (approximately 6 hours) and see the largest and most colourful Hamer tribe market.

Alternatively, if there is no bull jumping, drive to Omo Rate where you can travel down the Omo River in a local boat and visit the Desench tribe.

For both options, sleep overnight in Turmi.

Day seven

Leave Turmi after breakfast and drive back to Arba Minch. On the way, visit the Arbore tribe who live next to a salt lake.

Stay overnight in Arba Minch (Gamo travel uses Tourist Hotel).

Other info

This itinerary will be adapted around the market day schedules and if possible to accommodate any local ceremonies. This tour can also start and finish in Addis Ababa, but additional days will be required.


Hotel – Gamo travel will arrange hotels based on your requirements and budgets. Over recommended hotels range from $12 to $100 per night for two people. For customers staying overnight in the Hamer village, we ask you to make a donation of $5 per person to the chief.

National park, village and museum fees – $55 per person. (If you see a bull jumping ceremony, it will cost approximately $20 per person).

Hire of car and guide – $190 per day for up to four people, including petrol.

Customers are required to pay for their own meals.