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About Gamo travel

Gamo travel’s approach to tourism is to work with the communities to design eco friendly tours which provide local income and job opportunities. We are transparent in our pricing policies and our clients are always fully informed about their contribution to the community and examples of how it has been spent.

Gamo travel believes that all tourism should be sustainable to enable future generations to enjoy the delights of southern Ethiopia. We use our local knowledge and skills to avoid mass tourism routes and only leave behind our footprints.

Gamo travel ensures that all the tours are tailored to meet customer needs and allow you the chance to experience the local culture and life. We use our network of local communities and guides to deliver everlasting memories.


About Wasagne Gedebo Gamo

Wasagne Gedebo Gamo

Wasagne Gedebo

Wasagne is the founder and director of Gamo Travel. He qualified in tourism in Addis Ababa and has over 15 years of experience designing and leading tours.

Wasagne’s home is in southern Ethiopia and he can speak most of the languages of the southern tribes. He is fluent in English.

During his career, Wasagne has been chairman of a tour guide association and deputy chairman of a boat association. He is committed to building professionalism and customer care in the local tourism sector.

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